Strictly follows Bangladesh labor laws. Was amongst the 1st few factories, to implement the new labor law immediately in Oct 2006
Do not exceed the working hour limits. Weekly one day off.
Sound working Environment. No physical & mental pressure can be imposed
No forced Labor, No prison labor,No child labor
Workers have rights to refuse Overtime.
Workers have rights to form unions .
Scope for listening personal problems, financial difficulties

We have well equipped medical clinic in the facility with 04 (Four) Beds & 04 (Four) Doctors, with 1 (One) qualified diploma Nurse. We give free medicines & treatment facility during working hours. We have a standby Ambulance Service for emergencies. The company sometimes bears full treatment cost including hospital charges. During this period the company the full absence is treated as a paid leave.

Factory have fire fighting team, about 20% workers well trained up on fire safety training and have certificate and factory also well equipped.

Responsible Team:

Leader of the fire fighting team.

welfare officer

Head of the maintenance department.

Head of the security department

Our daily basis action plan:

All fire members must worn their dresses during working hour.

Floor evacuation should be free from all type of blocked.

All fire fighting equipment should be keep in any suitable place of the floor and regularly monitoring it.

All exit should be free open and unlock during the working hour.

Fire drill exercise minimum once in a month.

There is regular fire safety awareness program arrange for the worker to face a emergency evacuation incase fire.

According to our existing labor law 2006. We are providing maternity benefit to all female employees.

We have a child care unit for workers including playing area and special wash room. The company provides them with free nourishing food. Two full time care giver looks after them during factory working hours.

The company is not only compliant of the requirements of the COC but also maintains high standards of green production and social responsibility as it also promotes healthy workers as clean environment prevents accident and the spread of illness.

Backed by our in house Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) we guarantee Green Production to minimize our effect on the environment.

MBM enforces a precise Supplier Code of Conduct. Our teams undergo extensive training to gain the awareness, knowledge and necessary skills to meet compliance requirements.