MBM at a glance


MBM has been a player in the RMG industry since 1983 and has been active exclusively in the woven garments segment. We have taken every care to maintain promise of high quality and substance. As a result, earning industry wide recognition; we are the only factory in Bangladesh, to have Jc Penney self audit certification, we have also Received National Export Trophy 6 times and 4 star award from Levi Strauss , for five years.


We maintain a consistent high quality standard of business conduct, ethics and social responsibilities and take pride in the efficiency of what we do.


We specialize in the manufacture and washing of all manner of woven apparel with our marketing and sourcing wing doing all sort of T-Shirts, Polo-Shirt, Sweatshirts, Sweater & Pullover, Trousers, Shorts, Jackets, Casual Wear and Formal Wear for Men, Women & Children. Our Units capable of producing 60,000 dozens a month, 40,000 pcs washing a day with 25 Lines, and over 4500 work force.


MBM’s real stars are all the people who work day in and day out to make our promise of Skill, Substance, and Style a reality. Each factory is manned by just over 2000 competent, well-trained individuals. They carry out their tasks expertly with the help of our strong IE & Planning team with SMV and SAH based costing. Our Merchandising wing is aided by our expert Marketing team and the entire process is well oiled by the Strong Finance and Commercial Department.


We have an expert IT team, with customized oracle software for better tracking of our goods, right from order placement to shipping out, while our in-house C&F Team in both Dhaka & Chittagong in lieu with our transportation unit ensure firm grip on lead-time.


The production staff is composed of a blend of the young and the experienced with focus on productivity and efficiency. They sketch, grade, make markers and spread cloth with practiced efficiency, savings costs with every skilled cut and shorting. Shipments are cleared deftly by our expert C&F squad who cut back on the lead time and provide us a competitive edge.


Above all a well experienced top management team with close follow-up one very department and in touch with the worker’s needs as well as the company vision and the exact requirements of our customers.